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tldFirst I was a dancer (you can catch my finest work in Kylie Minogue’s ‘Locomotion’). I also danced on a weekly pop show, Countdown. One day the host saw me mucking around and asked me to open the show. I said ‘Welcome to Countdown, now here’s Jason and the Scorchers’. Lo and behold, a producer from the same network rang and asked me to audition for a new show. I got the gig! It was called ‘The Factory’. That’s where I started writing my own comedy sketches and character pieces. Suddenly everyone started calling me a comedian, so I thought ‘okay, now I’m a comedian’. I did some pretty outrageous stuff on the telly and was regarded as quite the innovator/enfant terrible, depending on who you spoke to.

Anyhoo, I decided I would like to further challenge myself, so set out to do the thing I was most afraid of… perform live. I wrote my first one woman show in 1992, Tania Lacy – All Of Me. I toured around Australia and then a producer very kindly mounted my show at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival where I was short-listed for the Perrier Award. I got to go to lots of cool parties.

I did a few other one woman shows but I wanted to try something else. I thought film would be fun. I wrote a couple of short films – my first ‘Pussy Got Your Tongue?’ I entered into Tropfest and won the Nicole Kidman Best Actress Award. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. I found being a writer/performer very liberating. I didn’t have to sit around and wait for the phone to ring. I could just make my own stuff. Grouse or what?

After writing 3 short films, all of which did well at festivals winning the odd prize here and there, I thought why not write a feature film, can’t be too hard. Mmm, huge learning curve. Long story short, I managed to get development funding for my scripts, but no cigar. Did I give up? No! In fact my mantra became ‘Never, never, never give up!’ And I’m glad I didn’t because then I met Gillian Carr at Moodystreet Productions. She gave me a job as comedy editor on a kids’ cartoon series G2G, despite my lack of experience in writing for anyone but myself. And you know what, I loved it. I have since worked on many projects for Moodystreet, one of them, Sumo Mouse, I was the script editor. Now that’s a tough gig, but boy, did I learn a lot.

Gillian and I worked really well together so I asked if she would be interested in producing a screenplay I had written. She read my romantic comedy, loved it and said yes. We have been on quite a journey with ‘London Calling’ and thanks to her savvy it was picked up by Dominic Minghella in the UK. It’s all getting very close to being a reality now. Of course I can’t tell you what a thrill it has been working with someone of Mr. Minghella’s talent. I’m now writing my next feature and have a comedy series in development. So the story continues…

All I can say is thank God I never, never, never gave up.

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ipTania has funny deep in her bones. I hate her for it.  She writes with infectious joy.  But she also writes about the real stuff, the struggle, the plight of the underdog.  And love.  Yes, she can do emotion too.  Oh and plot – did I mention plot?  She’s got it all.  I double hate her.  At least she’s short.

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If there’s anything worse than a writer who makes your stuff funnier,  it’s one who also has the ability to sharpen your characters and tighten the scene at the same time.  This evil has a name; Tania Lacy.

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