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About Tania

As one of Australia’s dearly loved funny women, Tania Lacy’s career sounds like a breathless jump from one fortuitous opportunity to another. As a student at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts School of Dance, her hopes of being a classical ballerina were dashed by a cruel injury, but not so long after she was choreographing and dancing with Kylie Minogue – by the way, that’s her in the Locomotion clip. Molly Meldrum spotted her dancing on Countdown and on a whim, had her open the show. A producer called asking her to audition for a new show. That show was The Factory and it made her a household name. Then came Countdown Revolution, award winning short films, stand-up, she’s an actor, written for film and television and has two novels on the shelves. Tania believes her rather unusual career trajectory has given her a unique view of the world and taught her anything is possible.

Tania currently resides in Cairns with her husband and son.

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Adelaide Fringe Reviews

★★★★ “Tania Lacy Is Iconic.”

★★★★ “Her tale about the perils of a Brazilian and the classic landing strip, and an impassioned plea for the return of the missionary position, are worth the price of a ticket.”

★★★★ “Had the audience howling with laughter.”

After a week of sellout shows it’s “Goodbye Melbourne, see you in 2023.”

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ipTania has funny deep in her bones. I hate her for it.  She writes with infectious joy.  But she also writes about the real stuff, the struggle, the plight of the underdog.  And love.  Yes, she can do emotion too.  Oh and plot – did I mention plot?  She’s got it all.  I double hate her.  At least she’s short.

Dominic Minghella – Robin Hood Series Creator, Doc Martin Series Creator

If there’s anything worse than a writer who makes your stuff funnier,  it’s one who also has the ability to sharpen your characters and tighten the scene at the same time.  This evil has a name; Tania Lacy.

Chris Anastasiades – The Kings of Mykonos Screenplay, The Wog Boy Screenplay, Yolngnu Boy Screenplay

I had the pleasure of closely collaborating with Tania on a project for several months and enjoyed it immensely. She is a tenacious, detail-oriented and witty writer with a strong sense of story and character. She approaches her work with confidence and humility, always bringing great thoughts to the table while opening herself up to the ideas of those around her. I hope I get to work with Tania again in the future, but if I don’t, I hope you do.

Ricky Roxburgh – Tangled: The Series (TV Series) Writer, Bob and the Lost Idols (Film) Writer, A Matter of Tim (Film) Writer

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