[quote]A hilarious look at the bewildering train wreck that is pre-teen life through the eyes of the world’s only 12 year old “online oracle”.

Shy 12 year old Maddie hates the limelight, but with the life she’s living it’s almost impossible to avoid it. For one thing, both her parents are big TV stars – no prizes for guessing that Maddie’s home life is anything but ordinary. Luckily Maddie can always count on her two closest friends: Saffron – the slightly flaky, golden-locked muse and Rainbow, her flower-powered New Age pal.

Although they’re about as different as it’s possible to get, Maddie trusts them with her life… just not her big secret. See, since the start of high school, Maddie has been living a double life. Beneath her shy exterior there beats the heart of… an online oracle – hosting the advice column of the official school web blog![/quote]

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  • Category: Childrens' TV
  • Client: March Entertainment, Moody Street Production
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