Everything's Coming Up Roses

Change “client” to “producers” on the project pages:
go to edit the
Forest: helper-portfolio-sidebar.php file and change
if($project_details[‘client’] != ”){
echo “

  • “. __(‘Producers‘, ‘stag’) .”: {$project_details[‘client’]}
  • “;


    To add the “role”

    1. changed helper-portfolio-sidebar.php
    2. changed includes/meta/meta-portfolio.php

    To fix the portfolio issue that codestag support helped me with: changed includes/widgets/widget-portfolio.php See thread here: http://support.codestag.com/tickets/home-page-displays-skills-for-projects-that-are-not-shown/#comments


    Commented out lines 33 to 46 to remove the menu for the featured portfolio – forest/includes/widgets/widget-portfolio.php

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